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The police commissioners and captains who serve as leaders must be the first to be accountable or else they cannot expect their subordinates to be accountable Spell 1. An expected 40 million people will have some type of contact with law enforcement this year and less than two percent of these encounters will result in any type of physical altercation To combat this misinformation Use of force research paper, police departments need to promote accountability in their ranks and cooperate thoroughly with the media.

If the event were described in a novel about the experiences of a small-town doctor, it might be merely an example of one such encounter among many others. The doctor in this story, a professional healer who epitomizes rational control and embodies a basic human desire to help others, knows the meaning of his actions when he says he has gone beyond reason in his struggle with the child.

Police must treat the people of their community with respect if they expect to receive the same. The Constitution guarantees everyone the right to a fair trial and all men are considered innocent until proven guilty. Instead of persecuting officers who used deadly force, civilians should realize how rare these incidents are.

Like everyone else, police officers will become defensive when they are accused of things such as racism, excessive force, etc.

The use of force is a legal concept, a principle that allows authorities to exercise physical force against another person if such force is deemed justifiable to protect the individual or to protect society from the individual.

However, when armed with information and a willingness to share this information police departments can earn the respect of their communities 2. If they are not already doing it, local police departments should begin to track all their contacts with civilians to prove that the use of force is rarely required 2.

An Empirical Analysis of Racial Differences in Police Use of Force

Whereas law enforcement argues that such use of force is necessary to protect others or itself, critics often argue that law enforcement is sadistic and cruel, that it uses force to attack an individual or a group of which they disapprove. Unfortunately, officers on rare occasions must use force to provide for the defense of themselves and innocent civilians.

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For example, sometimes police are accused of an unjustified use of force to subdue a suspected criminal or to quell protesters. Criminal JusticeSection B04 Professor Conn October 12, Officers put their lives in danger every day to protect the individuals in the community that they have sworn to serve.

The entire section is words. Although he has society on his side—as he says, the child must be protected from herself, and others must be protected from her spreading the disease—he knows that what drives him at the moment he tries to get the tongue depressor in her mouth is unthinking fury, what he calls a longing for muscular release.

The principle is not without controversy. Gibbons is encouraging the public to be aware of the agenda and goals of modern news organizations. Another way is to fire and persecute to the fullest extent of the law those officers who abuse their power.

As in all other career fields, not all police officers are good people. After gaining the trust of the local community officers can now work on developing a better relationship with the media. However, the evidence would seem to show that the overwhelming majority of police officers are committed public servants who seek to protect their communities.

It is very sad that Americans rush to judgement before learning about all the facts. In addition, of these 40 million encounters only. A study of Chicago residents showed that what mattered most to civilians was not the outcome of a police encounter, but whether or not they felt respected by the police officer Murphy 3.

Police officers are no different, and they deserve the rights that are protected for all Americans in the Constitution. The evidence and statistics seem to disprove the idea that police officers and civilians frequently have violent interactions.

In order to create an accountable workplace, the tone must be set from the top on down. Events in that situation quickly spiraled out of control and chaos proceeded to rein in the local community. The story does not Media Outlets spend a very small amount of their broadcasts discussing public affairs, while instead focusing their coverage on entertainment issues Case in point on how not to handle these investigations is the shooting involving a police officer last year in Ferguson, Missouri.

This way when force incidents do occur, local police departments can release their inner statistics that prove this was a very occurrence 2.

Unfortunately, there is a wide scale perception that events like Ferguson are the norm and that police needlessly resort to violence.

Police Officer Use of Deadly Force Research Paper:

These thoughts lead to his shame. Since most Americans learn of events through newscasts and other news services, the information these outlets give is critical to the perceptions formed by the public. Contrary to this common perception, the statistics show that this is clearly not the case Landers The reason many Americans have these false views concerning police officers and their use of force is due to the misinformation presented by many media outlets.

Even when events like Ferguson are discussed media outlets only report on the final action rather than the process that and events that led to that action There are certain steps that can be followed to ensure that every investigation involving a police shooting is conducted professionally and in a way that protects everyone involved.

In fact, officer related incidents and how a law enforcement administration responds to the subsequent investigations have recently become more publicized.In our society police are in a very precarious situation when it comes to the amount of force they can apply when dealing with a civilian suspect.

Whether it be physical force, persuasion, or coercion; they must use discretion when deciding what course of action best suits the situation. They must.

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Ironically, there have been dozens of studies on police and the use of force and research concluded that there is no single accepted definition. “Must police use force?” Not only should the answer to this question include the circumstances surrounding the situation but it should also include the amount of force able to be used in each.


Format for Police Officer Use of Deadly Force Research Paper: The paper must be 16 pages in length be double-spaced 1 inch margins properly resear.

Use of force research paper
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