The criticisms surrounding the judicial system of texas

The Chief Justice and our state leaders need to take that first step and make judicial reform a priority. The League believes this system would assure public confidence in the Texas judiciary.

Judges then would be running on their record instead political party. One advantage of this method is that by having the people elect the judges, it reinforces the idea of local control for judges elected at the local level.

People might also vote for a judge because of the political views of the judge instead of the qualifications of the judge.

The reform groups called upon the Chief Justice to confront the fundamental issue facing the Texas judiciary: Supreme Court next month will hear a landmark case over the spiraling role of special-interest spending in judicial elections which could impact Texas courts.

Massey case, visit the Brennan Center for Justice. There are advantages and disadvantages to the method of electing judges.

People could also vote based on a single case and not consider the qualifications of the judge running for the office. Another advantage is that this method makes the judges accountable to the people.

A judge could be voted out of office, because the people might not like one decision that the judge made, even though it might be the correct decision based on the way the law is written.

Another advantage is that this method makes Petitioners in the case are urging the court to draw a line to prevent a judge from hearing cases involving a person who has made large campaign contributions to benefit the judge.

The case, Caperton v. Massey, will be heard March 3, There are disadvantages to the method of electing judges. If you are the little guy who has suffered an injury, you must navigate a minefield just to have a chance at seeing justice done. Reform of our methods of selection of judges should be a priority for the 81st legislative session.

One solution is a system of appointing judges recommended by an independent commission followed by an election after a period of service.

The Texas system, say reformers, undermines a basic constitutional right: This method may politicize the office and encourage out-of-state groups and their money to get involved in the election to help a particular candidate from a particular party win the election.administration of the Texas judicial system and the authority to make rules of administration applicable to the courts.

Aiding the Supreme Court in carrying out its administrative duties is the state Office of Court Administration, which operates under the direction of the Chief Justice. The justice system in Texas has been scrutinized for over a decade since a major television expose probed the influence of campaign money on judicial decision-making.

Now, with Texas Governor George W. Bush running strong for president, everything about the state, including its courts, is being examined. The system of electing judges in Texas is a fairly unusual one from a global perspective.

It has some advantages and some disadvantages. On the positive side, it is a fundamentally democratic process and thus compatible with the values of a democratic nation.

Many critics of the current system, lobbyists and special interests, represent powerful interests that are always searching for new ways to influence the judicial selection process and thus judicial behavior.

The Texas Judiciary. Chapter 25 O’Connor and Sabato American Government: Continuity and Change. The Texas Judiciary. In this chapter we will cover 1. Roots of the Texas Judiciary 2. The Structure of the Texas Judiciary 3.

Judges and Judicial Selection Slideshow by briar. The Texas judiciary is a system of five court levels. Some of these levels were created by the Texas Constitution, and, as previously stated, by the legislature (Keith). The first courts were created in and by the Constitution, a basic judicial system had been established.

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The criticisms surrounding the judicial system of texas
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