Some positive and negative health outcomes linked to demographic indicators

Public health researchers have only recently begun to quantify the health effects of discrimination. Promoting Health-Enhancing Behaviors Other research examines possible mechanisms, such as the extent to which significant others promote and encourage positive health practices Berkman, ; Taylor et al.

Socially isolated people exhibited worse functional status 6 months after a stroke Glass et al. Access of Hispanics to health care and cuts in services: Racism can affect racial disparities in multiple ways. Risk factors for high blood pressure? Physical Morbidity Studies of unemployment and physical morbidity introduce a new concern not applicable to mortality studies: Annual trends in crude and age-adjusted mortality rate and in life expectancy since the mids are available for the United States at the national, state, and county levels.

International variation in the size of mortality differences associated with occupational status. Back to top Acknowledgment I received financial support to develop this article from the University of Wisconsin.

Archives of Internal Medicine. Numerous studies have pointed to the inequity of health care delivery according to socioeconomic divisions. Population and Development Review. Rising Inequality in America. Annual Review of Sociology. It appears unlikely, however, that these factors account for more than a small percentage of the variation.

Social-psychological correlates of experienced discrimination: Twenty years ago, there were essentially none. Relationship of racial stressors to blood pressure responses and anger expression in black college students. Longitudinal data on male Swedish shipyard workers threatened with job loss and on stably employed controls Mattiasson et al.

Racial differences in physical and mental health: The cumulative negative impact of persistent poverty on health has also received considerable attention Korenman and Miller, Several experimental studies have investigated the link between the social relationship and cardiovascular reactivity.

At a national level, the hypothesis linking income inequalities and health would predict that two countries with the same average income but different income distributions would experience different patterns of mortality; the country with the more equitable distribution having a higher life expectancy overall.

Negative emotional responses associated with racism, particularly those that are chronic, are also associated with adverse health outcomes Ryff and Singer, in press.

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Black-white disparities in health care. Equally important is the need to augment judiciously selected extant surveys in the United States and other countries as the central sources for investigating inequalities in health, including assessment of predisease pathways, collective community influences, macro-level socioeconomic change, and intervening psychosocial and behavioral factors positive and negative.

When O positive man marries an A Negative girl will their child have health problems? Thus, it is likely that the health advantages evident for some subgroups of the Asian and Hispanic populations may diminish over time.

Summary measures of population health Summary measures of population health have been developed in the past 40 years as an alternative to or extension of the basic metrics described above.7 The Influence of Inequality on Health Outcomes.

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The basic point is that pathways to diverse health outcomes depend on an interplay of both positive and negative experiences across multiple life domains.

The Influence of Inequality on Health Outcomes - New Horizons in Health. Education and Health March interrelationships between demographic and family background indicators, effects of poor health in childhood, greater resources associated with higher levels of education, a learned appreciation for the importance of good health behaviors, and one’s social networks.

For some health outcomes. Some Positive And Negative Health Outcomes Linked To Demographic Indicators Perspective on Health Care HCS/ April 16, Cyndie Miculan Perspective on Health Care I began my health care profession in the military as an Army Medic.

Population Health: Behavioral and Social Science Insights Achieving positive health outcomes in today's health care environment requires a variety of factors to come together that may be affected by educational attainment and a combination of soft and hard skills. (as least for some types of sports) and a negative association with.

Article: Positive and Negative Affective Outcomes of Occupational Stress. Much research over the last decade has emphasised the negative consequences of excessive work-related demands on an individual's physical and psychological health and wellbeing.

Some positive health outcomes linked to demographic indicators show that disease rates are less in some parts of the world because of new vaccines but there are more negative health outcomes linked to demographic indicators.

Some positive and negative health outcomes linked to demographic indicators
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