Social science research network working paper series

Designating your current work as part of this series guarantees that it will be included in the quarterly email which SSRN generates to subscribers. If you wish to elaborate, simply add information or notes in the "Title" field.

Complete the online form but indicate that the paper has already been posted. Supporting up to six months of innovative field-based research in order to produce knowledge that can impact practical actions on peacebuilding initiatives in Africa Maximum costs: What is an "accepted" paper versus a "working" paper?

Supporting joint multidisciplinary research teams involving scholars and practitioners at work on a collaboratively framed theme that can lead to direct impact on peacebuilding knowledge, policy, and practice Maximum costs: Academic papers in PDF format can be uploaded directly to the SSRN site by authors and are then available for worldwide free downloading.

How many keywords should I use and how should I pick them? If you do so, there are many subject matter journals which will pick up papers and generate email distribution lists to specific audiences, based on keywords and JEL codes see below.

African Peacebuilding Network

Often authors take papers down at the request of publishers, particularly if they are published by commercial or university presses which depend on payment for paper copies or on-line access.

Collaborative working group research grants: The APN accomplishes this by facilitating the transformation of the quality and scale of African research and consolidating the contributions of African researchers and analysts, thereby connecting them with other African scholars, policy analysts, practitioners, and networks focusing on issues of peacebuilding, as well as with other policymaking communities around the world.

You may post previously published works so long as you hold the copyright. Since keywords are essential in searching, it is generally beneficial to use as many as possible. This is a required question on the form. A "working" paper is one that has not yet been so accepted.

Thus, by posting new papers to the SSRN database, notice of and a link to your contribution will be automatically included in an email distribution together with other newly posted papers.

Social Science Research

Because JEL is concerned with economics literature, the JEL codes are often too narrow to describe legal writing, and there may be cases where none are appropriate. The APN is open to scholars and practitioners from multidisciplinary backgrounds and supports research and networking through its individual and working group grants.

SSRN, like other preprint services, circulates publications throughout the scholarly community at an early stage, permitting the author to incorporate comments into the final version of the paper before its publication in a journal. Please contact Kris TurnerHead of Reference. For instance, a paper on international law could include both "international" and "international law" as keywords, and might consider "transnational" and "global" in various iterations as well.

What if I have other questions? Posting through the online form affiliates your work with that of other UW Law faculty. In addition to posting your scholarship on SSRN, the Law Library staff will add these citations to the faculty bibliography, share the citations with the External Relations Office, and eventually begin to create an online repository for the Law School.

Only recently published articles and new less than two years old working papers will be included in the email distribution.African Peacebuilding Network Collaborative Working Group Research Grants; APN Lecture Series; Follow African Peacebuilding Network twitter facebook flickr linkedin African Peacebuilding Network.

and the Council for the Development of Social Science Research (CODESRIA) based in Dakar, Senegal. HKS faculty papers submitted to the working paper series may also be highlighted in a companion monthly e-journal from the Social Science Research Network.

In addition to the Faculty Research Working Paper Series, the John F. Kennedy School of Government has a wide variety of working papers and other publications available through the. African Peacebuilding Network Collaborative Working Group Research Grants; SSRC Working Papers feature real-time social science commissioned by the Council’s programs.

Previous papers have offered statistical analyses of national economic growth, considerations of the challenges of building international educational and intellectual.

What is SSRN? SSRN, also known as the Social Science Research Network, is a repository of new and forthcoming scholarship in a number of disciplines, including law (as part of the Legal Scholarship Network division of SSRN).Scholarship produced by UW Law faculty is distributed distributed through the SSRN UW Law School Legal Studies Research Paper Series.

The Social Science Research Network or SSRN Electronic Journal: Economics Elsevier (SSRN), Moreover, even if access to the published paper is restricted, access to the original working paper remains open through SSRN, so long as the author decides to keep the paper up.

Often authors take papers down at the request of publishers. SSRN is devoted to the rapid worldwide dissemination of research and is composed of a number of specialized research networks.

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Social science research network working paper series
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