Short essay about co-education

They work hard to remain ahead Short essay about co-education one another. Hence, in the west, the importance of co-education has been felt since ancient times. Girls no more have to remain confined to the remain confined to the four walls of the house. They develop a feeling of friendship among themselves.

Essay On Co-Education System

Boys become conscious of their dressing habits, behavior and the style of communication in the company of girls. Each sex tries to excel the other. It is a society of complex division of labour and requires people with specialized knowledge. Some other people are of the view that co-education can bring about a healthy competition between boys and girls and thus it can be of mutual benefit to both sexes.

Today, this system of education is there in almost all the countries of the world. Moreover, the system of education was quite different from that of today. Today girls are entering all professions in large numbers.

At this stage boys and girls are innocent. In the middle and high schools, the classrooms which had the best academic achievements overall were consistently those that had a higher proportion of girls enrolled.

He felt that co-education was the only method to make both men and women useful members of society. Short Essay on Education Article shared by: Boys with more female peers in their classes showed higher enrolment rates in both advanced mathematics and science classes, but overall benefits were found in all grades for both sexes.

They played and studied together. It enables people to know the world beyond their own surroundings and transforms them to become rationalist and humanist in outlook and world view.

Short Essay on Education and its Advantages

However, some people are opposed to the system of co-education. Interaction of this kind can build more confidence in the minds of the children and they will never hesitate before talking Short essay about co-education someone of the opposite sex.

Girls were not sent to the Gurukuls, and thus were deprived of the benefits of education. There are a number of advantages in the co-educational system of education.

They approached that if boys and girls study together, the possibility of their developing immoral relationship cannot be ruled out. Co-education contributes to the balanced development of the personality of boys and girls.

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So, in this regard Co-education becomes useless.Short essay about co education advantages. Essay about healthy eating the tempest prospero essay writing law school research paper uk, women voting rights essay can you start an essay paragraph with a quote dissertation sanctorum communionem.

Corporal punishment essay thesis help wales visitation analysis essay. The most potent argument advanced by co-education lovers is that it can help both boys and girls in the development of their personality.

They can come out of their enclosed shell-like personality and get rid of their unwarranted hesitation and shyness. Essay on Education: Short Essay on Education! Education is an effort of the senior people to transfer their knowledge to the younger members of society.

It is thus an insti­tution, which plays a vital role in integrating an individual with his society and in maintaining the perpetuation of culture. Essay on Co Education System in Pakistan Co education is a new trend in the field of learning and studies. It means the education of boys and girls in the same schools, colleges or universities.

Co-education generates harmonious relationship, a sense of co-operation, and thus, helps in the progress of the nation. Co-education is a system of educating boys and girls together. In ancient times, co-education existed in Sparta in Greece.

Co Education Words Argumentative essay - Separate-Gender Classes in Co-Ed School is the best solution to the situation Nowadays, many parents are worrying about the amount of distractions that exist in co-ed schools, which directly affect their children's academic performanceThis is simply due to the fact that there are chemical reactions when different genders spend time together.

Short essay about co-education
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