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The movie depicts five plays when Plimpton is permitted to quarterback the Lions in a fictitious pre-season game with the St. We are there with him when he finally takes the field in an intra-squad scrimmage in Pontiac Michigan before of thousands of Lions fans who wonder exactly who this new player is wearing the number "0" jersey.

The coaches were aware of the deception but the players were not until it became apparent that Plimpton did not know how to receive the snap from center. Paper lion you can find it I highly recommend picking it up. Differences from book[ edit ] There are major differences between the book and movie, mostly attributable to the producers moving the time period up to —Despite the late release, its filming features the Lions—and not trying to re-create the time period of the book, which is Plimpton managed to lose yardage on each play.

InPlimpton, not an athlete, Paper lion to pitch to a lineup of professional baseball players in an All-Star exhibition, presumably to answer the question, "How would the average man off of the street fare in an attempt to compete with the stars of professional sports?

Film from the September 8, preseason game between the Lions and Cardinals is used. Plot[ edit ] George Plimpton, a writer for Sports Illustratedhas been indulging in a variety of Walter Mitty -like whims and stunts, trying his hand at being a professional athlete such as briefly pitching in an exhibition game against All-Star baseball players or boxing a round with Sugar Ray Robinsonthen writing about the experience.

With a relatively meaningless pre-season exhibition game scheduled against the St. Plimpton has a gift for understatement. He trained as a goalie and took a turn between the pipes for the Boston Bruins in an NHL preseason game, writing about it in his book "Open Net.

The Lions finally agreed to host Plimpton in their training camp. Karras missed the season serving a suspension for gambling on football games. The excellent George Plimpton, first Editor in Chief of the Paris Review, wrote a series of pieces using "participatory journalism," a technique where he actually joined in the games he covered.

The players do their best but so do the opponents—George is sacked for losses, does very little right and even runs into a goal post, knocking himself cold. Feb 23, Brugge rated it liked it This is the dream of every guy who thinks they could be a professional athlete, Plimpton gets to live the life of one for one preseason.

Before he left, however, the Lions awarded him a gold football that was engraved: But at least he gets a good story out of it, which he goes back to New York City to write.

Plimpton briefly touches on the problems of alcohol and gambling, but I am left wondering what else could have been said. Despite his struggles Plimpton convinced head coach George Wilson to let him take the first five snaps of the annual intra-squad scrimmage conducted in Pontiac, Michigan.

The film version of Paper Lion does feature the reinstituted Karras, incidentally, who very nearly steals the show from star Alan Alda and launches his own screen career.

In he pitched against National League all-stars in an exhibition baseball game at Yankee Stadium and wrote about it in his book "Out of My League.

In practice, Plimpton demonstrates his ineptitude and gets knocked around. Plimpton actually ends up taking five snaps in the game, running each of the five plays he has learned, with hilarious results. There is a scene where Plimpton meets with Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardiwho informs him that he will not be attending the Packers training camp.

In the book, Plimpton only plays in an intra-squad scrimmage, where he loses yardage on five straight plays. Feeling confident he could do better, Plimpton hung around training camp one more week as the team prepared for its first pre-season game against the Cleveland Brownsbeing sure if the Lions had a big enough lead near the end of the game, Wilson would let him play.

At one point George scores a touchdown in practice and is pleased with himself, until catching the other Lions laughing because they had deliberately let him score. Karras was on suspension that year along with Paul Hornug for gambling, but makes appearances in Paper Lion nonetheless through the hysterical stories of his teammates.

The next day Plimpton packed up and ended his experiment. However, team officials informed Plimpton at halftime that NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle would not allow him to play under any circumstance.

Plimpton followed Paper Lion with books about golf and ice hockeyas well as two more football books. A number of teams say no, but the Detroit Lions agree. In the movie, Plimpton does well in the scrimmage and scores a touchdown, only to realize shortly afterward that the defense did not give it their all and let him score.

Plimpton, then 36 years old, showed how unlikely it would be for an "average" person to succeed as a professional football player. Defensive tackle Alex Karras was serving a suspension from pro football in for gambling and was not at the training camp. He is unwelcome to some who resent the intrusion, but a star player, Alex Karrasintervenes on his behalf.

He enters the story with the uninitiated eyes of the average "everyman" allowing the reader to jump right in and experience everything "firsthand" through him. Plimpton never wrote about any meeting with Lombardi.

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Paper Lion was one of the first glimpses behind the scenes into the world of NFL football, and it was a huge hit.The book that made a legend—and capture's America's sport in detail that's never been matched, now featuring a foreword by Nicholas Dawidoff a and never-before-seen content from the Plimpton Archives.

George Plimpton was perhaps best known for PAPER LION, the book that set the bar for participatory sports journalism.

Paper Lion: Confessions of a Last-String Quarterback

Oct 14,  · Paper Lion is a really good movie. Alan Alda was perfect for the role of Sports Illustrated reporter George Plimpton, and Lauren Hutton gave a strong debut performance as Plimpton's secretary/10().

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Paper Lion () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Check out the season finale of the Paper Lion's new show, The Journalists, a mockumentary, “The Office” style comedy about the day-to-day lives of the Paper Lion.

Paper Lion: Confessions of a Last-String Quarterback [George Plimpton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With his characteristic insight and wit, the Harvard-educated Plimpton recounts his experiences in successfully talking his way into training camp - not as a reporter but as a player - with the Detroit Lions/5(47).

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