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Finance and business is also big business around the re developed area particularly in Canary Wharf. And also there are plans of building the Docklands own Airport. The recession also meant that more thanpeople lost their jobs, and many workers of the Lower Middle Class and the Working class were afraid of their jobs.

This also meant that the docklands could in no way keep up with the latest technology, which is so valuable when you want to lure investors your way. The London Docks were built between and It also became a multi functional place, where London docklands essay attracted new industry such as newspapers, and banks.

It took many years, starting off in and finishing in These declines were mainly caused by problems in the area and with the structure of the whole area.

In the s the economy went through a recovery and the economic structure changed to a more service-oriented one. The land was not used for a purpose anymore. Also the administrative almost independent City of London is part of the area of Inner London.

In addition, those that were regenerated were not popular because of the misuse of materials and ideas. These developments have a chain reaction effect. In the surrounding areas the stereo typical terrace housing remains along with the poorer community, they see these changes enviously and many of the jobs taken by new comers should have been theirs.

London Docklands declined for a number of reasons. Of course the Industrial Revolution taking place in entire Britain. With so much money having been spent on the redevelopment of the Docklands, protection against flooding from the Thames was required.

Gentrification also took place, and the whole lands were converted back from being a run-down town, to a good clean town which was rather attractive. They construction of social houses and the agreement that quarter of the jobs produced would go to the local population was part of the change under the name of the Memorandum agreement.

The 18 miles, stations Dockland Light Railway was built, which is now carrying more than passengers daily and only take passengers 10 minutes to Central London. More jobs are been created all the while, and people are moving back. After some period of London Docklands decline, vicious circle of poverty appeared.

However, these costs have eased the congestion to the Docks. Also workers who lived there were very limited with their skills and could not handle the new technology. The LDDC decided to provide a good infrastructure to the area, they provided the gas, electric, and roads.

On 7 september hundreds if German bombers attacked London.London Docklands Essay - London Docklands A Case study of: q Urban redevelopment / Urban regeneration q Economic decline and regeneration q In migration into an area and its impact q An urban planning scheme Where. The London City Airport has now advanced to carry 1.

2 million passengers in and has championed the Jubilee Line Extension of the Underground which opened in springcarries 22, people an hour in each direction and connects London Docklands directly with London Bridge and Waterloo BR stations and the West End.

Reurbanisation Case Study: London Docklands Essay Sample

The chairman of the London Docklands Development Corporation, Sir Michael Pickard, said himself that, ’16 years ago, the Isle of Dogs was an isolated, tightly knit community seemingly in the grip of irreversible decline. London Docklands Historical background: During 19th century the port of London was the bussiest in the world Docks surrounded by industries using imported goods and high-density, poor quality housing Thousand used to work in and around the docks 1/4 of the world's trade came trough the Docklands Suffered extensive damage after the war.

"Evaluate the success of the economic, social and physical regeneration of The London Docklands." In Medieval times development occurred on the Thames.

Regeneration of London Docklands Essay Sample

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London docklands essay
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