Law421 week 5 final team

In summary, Beyond Sarbanes Oxley provided an insightful look into the legal requirements for financial reporting at public companies. However, above all else it is the responsibility of managers to use prudent leadership and training skills to ensure all team member work with similar ethical values.

This piece of research data is evidence that the laws that are in place are not successful at fostering ethical behavior. Read and analyze one of the three Electronic Reserve Readings for this week: The author implies that additional legislation may need to ensure that companies are not supporting an organizational culture of unethical behavior.

One of the most striking changes stemming from SOX is the ability for exectives to receive criminal punishment for non-compliance with the new rules.

Write a minimum word paper which summarizes and discusses the legal concepts addressed in the article. The article focuses a great deal on the topic of ethics as it relates to legal issues within accounting.

High court ruling only tweaks Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Sarbanes Oxley Article Analysis – LAW 421 Week 5

This law has been extremely influential over the last decade and has helped maintain stronger ethical values at publically traded companies in the United States. In the wake of major corporate fraud scandals, such as Enron and WorldCom, the federal government realized that there needed to be greater legislative requirements on accounting procedures on public companies.

The goal of this analysis is to discuss the primary legal aspects that the article covers and examine their relationship to business law. The following paper will provide an in depth analysis of the article Beyond Sarbanes Oxley, by Neil Lebovits.

Most notably, the article talks about the importance of leadership within an organization when it comes to supporting legally compliant behavior.

Compliance Week, 7 79 The Legal Environment of Business Course: From Socrates to Sarbanes-Oxley: This concept has grown rapidly in importance as a result of the stricter requirements put in place by SOX.

The Sarbanes Oxley Act vastly altered the accounting landscape for publicly traded companies when it was passed on The executive leadership team must implement programs that educate subordinates on compliance and ethical behavior.

The article looks into the impact that SOX has had on public companies thus far, then takes this information a step further by discussing legal issues that are still persisting within public accounting.LAW (Business Law) Final Exam Answers The LAW final exam is encountered in week 5 of the online Business Law course.

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LAW 421 Week 5 Final Research Paper and Presentation

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Article Analysis – Beyond Sarbanes Oxley Week 5 Individual: Read and analyze one of the three Electronic Reserve Readings for this week: 1.

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Law421 week 5 final team
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