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It can be said that the identity myths created for the brand are perceived by the consumers as a life away from life, marketing a completely different lifestyle to consumers but still one that is possible to connect with.

These are that the brand tells a brand story that symbolises the ideals that consumers approve of; that they establish an identity-value that consumers can relate and aspire towards; and create an iconic culture that consumers choose to embrace.

But there is another way! This Iconic brands dissertation will follow a specific structure starting with the discussion of cultural branding theory, which will then lead into the discuss of strategic communication in the 21st century, followed by an in-depth discusstion of iconic branding, the principles there of, as well as the three elements that make up an iconic brand which are the brand story, the identity value, and the culture of the iconic brand.

In regard to why this population was chosen, it should be noted that for the purpose of this research, a business owner was identified as an individual that has a physical space within the precinct from which their business is run and revenue is derived through the sales of a product of service to either consumers within the Juta Street precinct or elsewhere.

Key authors Overton-de Klerk and Verwey identify four trends that brought about the emerging paradigm of strategic communication which highlight the shift from modernism, demonstrating the practices of control over communication and hierarchy, towards postmodernism leading to the free-flow of communication and easy access to information by all.

Cultures throughout the globe make use of clothing to make fashion statements.

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It is thus this Iconic brands dissertation with the consumers that identifies the strength and value of iconic branding to ensure that consumers remain interested in the brand.

It is thus the associations that people have with a product or service that forms the perception of the brand within the mind of the consumer.

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The next transition, as identified by Holt Understanding customer values is increasingly important in the 21st century considering the consumer is empowered and is not shy to raise the issue of his or her needs not being met by a specific brand. But, please, do not entrust your academic reputation to a random agency.

Creating knowledge sharing platforms and addressing structural and social issues are some of the most important elements of fashion entrepreneurship.

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Reputation, which could also be known as brand equity, has many definitions which includes the defintion by Kotler, Wong, Saunders, and Armstrong of brand equity where it is stated that brand equity is the worth of a brand dependant on the degree to which the brand itself has high levels of brand loyalty, acknowledgement of the brand name, apparent quality that is linked to it, and powerful brand relations.

The involvement of affluent female consumers in fashion industry Cultural modernity and fashion journalism in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai Alexander McQueen and the perception of fashion — A case study of the five fashion shows The impact of fashion journalism on the current fashion industry Mad for Madonna: All you need to do is seek dissertation writing help.

Since the last few decades, fashion industry has played a prominent role in influencing the cultural values. In relation to the purpose of this research, the research problem is: It is important to note that although the entire population does not participate in the research study, the results and findings from the study are then generalised to the entire population.

Purchase it more often. How the ball gown has evolved over the decades Fashion and Sports: With endless sleepless nights and little to no rest, thousands of students around the world feel overwhelmed.

Logo design aside, what makes a brand iconic? In relation to this research study, the qualitative nature of the research design implies that the data collected would need to be condensed in order to identify the information relevan to the study. In addition to this, Roper and Fill The primary aim of fashion designers is to design clothes that are not only functional but also pleasing to the eye.

On the other hand, qualitative research methods are, according to Berndt and Petzer In addition to this, the research made use of exploratory research, which is identified as one of the methods of qualitative research.

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Gravetter and Foranzo Emotional branding where the basis, much like mind-share branding, is for the brand to identify a set of concepts that need to be consistently communicated but includes the factor of placing more emphasis on how the fundamental of the brand should be communicated.

And almost half of the postgraduates experience some symptoms of anxiety or depression. Over and over and over again until they become something more than a customer.This MBA dissertation is based on Brand Identity and its affect on Consumer Behaviour.


Marketing Dissertation Topics, Iconic Brands The Italian Context Important factors for Iconic Brands Research Methodology Research Results. Marketing Dissertations and Papers.

Recent Dissertation Titles “Managing Cultural Equity: A Theoretical Framework for Building Iconic Brands in Globalized Markets,” Review of Marketing Research, Jennifer Stoner with C.

Torelli “Consumer Psychology,” (forthcoming, ), Encyclopedia of Theory in Psychology. The adhesive brand, which is immediately identifiable to most Indians, has been so popular that it has become a part of the popular culture.

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