Garment factory waste management procedures

Most of the garments factories in Bangladesh are located at Gazipur and Narayanganj industrial area, Dhaka.

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Never use a regular vacuum cleaner to clean up a mercury spill, this will only cause the mercury to vaporize and disperse into the air. Labels on containers should be defaced or removed before disposal in a trash can or dumpster.

This pipes and tanks should be washed yearly. April 27, Abstract: However, GM Store must ensure that this Sale or disposal of scrap takes place minimum once a month. EHS has a special mercury vacuum designed for cleaning up mercury spills and a mercury detection meter to Garment factory waste management procedures if all mercury has been cleaned up from a spill.

Waste Management System 4. Methodology cannot provide solutions but offers the theoretical underpinning which method can be applied to a specific case. To ensure the color wise shrinkage of the fabric, a swatch 1 yd in length of every color and quality of fabric in a lot using calibrated measuring tape is cut and washed against the washing standard.

You can speed up the solidification of latex paint by adding sawdust or vermiculite and leaving it out to evaporate. Garment factory waste management procedures is a highly toxic chemical and any mercury spills, including broken thermometers, must be cleaned up and the spill debris disposed through the hazardous waste management program.

Never dispose of reactive chemicals, such as Sodium metal, regardless of the quantity, down the drain or in the normal trash. Narayanganj is a city in central Bangladesh. Solid waste disposal possesses a greater problem because it leads to land pollution when openly dumped, water pollution when dumped in low land and air pollution when burnt [ 1 ].

A Quality Controller assists him to the test. To ensure whether the color of fabric of fabric of each dye lot should bleed or not and three by get approved from lab dept of the buyer representative.

The decision on sale or disposal will be made in concurrence with the discussion between GM Finance and GM stores. The city is on the bank of the Shitalakshya River.

Approval of Finance Department required. EHS recommends rinsing RCRA empty containers before putting them into the lab trash cans because of potential odor issues. These Industries have employed of people and 85 percent of them are letter less rural women.

Old computer equipment cannot be disposed of in the normal trash. When disposing of these compounds, please note any special hazards on the Hazardous Waste Label.

Data Collection and Other Secondary Data 4. Representative from the Finance Department.

Be sure to let others in the lab or work area know the chemical exists and the potential explosion hazard. Waste management is important for the processing of logistics comes into the category of green logistics; the process which manages all the activities at least cost is termed as green logistics.

One cleaner should be there for each line and section for cleaning garbage and discarded materials. Selection of Garment Factory 4. Also, they should be satisfied that only the goods as agreed to be disposed off have been loaded and nothing else. American Journal of Civil Engineering.

This only results in more hazardous waste being generated and rendering the metallic mercury as non-recyclable.

Compliance: Waste Disposal Policy and Procedure in an RMG Factory

Volume 4, Issue 3, MayPages: Fused tube lights, broken glasses and other wastages which are recyclable, should be stored in a designated area to be sold or recycled by the local agents or manufacturers.

There are a number of battery collection containers around campus for Universal Waste Batteries. Findings from this study are that, the waste management systems are progressing very softly.

In general, in order to improve entire process of textile wastes, under the technology prospective managing and utilization of whole process is necessary for efficient [ 6 ].HAZARDOUS WASTE DISPOSAL POLICY / PROCEDURES Table of Contents: Section I – General Information A. Purpose B. Definitions The management of hazardous waste shall be conducted in accordance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

Garment Factory Waste Management Procedures. CEO of a GARMENT FACTORY Preface One of the popular Chinese sayings in the garment manufacturing industry stated, "If you dislike someone, try to persuade him to engage in the garment industry as retribution.” This reflects how the level of difficulty and complexity of the garment manufacturing jobs may impact one's career.

The objective of this waste management policy and procedure is to make sure that, all the waste and surroundings of the factory are properly been taken care of. One spittoon should be provided at every floor for dumping garbage, phlegm or spit.

Sufficient number of garbage baskets should be. So the garments factory need to improve the waste management system immediately and NGO side to help to raise the environmental condition.

Bangladesh has more reputation for Readymade Garments in the world and which plays a significant role in the economical enhancement as well. The Industry Waste Management Plan Guideline for the Western Cape was developed in consultation with industry stakeholders.

The Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning. During the audit the final audition inspect the garment measurement, stitching defects, finishing defects and accessories, packing, cartoons etc. Final Audit is done as .

Garment factory waste management procedures
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