Essay on elder abuse and neglect

In addition, elder abuse may include domestic violence.

In cases of physical abuse, however, the perpetrator tends to be the son or even the husband of the victim. Frequently, the abuser views the Essay on elder abuse and neglect as a What started as an occasional errand and concomitant feeling of doing a good deed may soon become an onerous responsibility that seems to demand more and more time.

In this respect, protecting older people from mistreatment is an important element of the broad challenge of ensuring quality services in long-term care.

Pediatrician Henry Kempe, the leader of the group and founder of the International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, spearheaded a movement to adopt mandated reporting laws.

Another common type of elder abuse is emotional or psychological abuse. Moreover, the system of adult protection that has emerged to respond to these varied problems as well as other problems relating to adults with disabilities is based on ideas and structures borrowed from policy and practice in child maltreatment and, more recently, intimate partner violence.

A summary of these studies appears in Appendix A. As the state response continued to evolve in the early s, many states required reporting of abuse, bringing the problem within the purview of adult protective services.

However, it is estimated that only one in fourteen cases come to the attention of authorities and only one in twenty-five cases of financial abuse get reported.

These tensions and policy adaptations in the field of child protection appear to be highly relevant to elder protection at this moment in the evolution of research and public policy in this nascent field.

The entire section is 4, words. Repeatedly, National Research Council and Institute of Medicine panels have called attention to the need for sustained and aggressive research on the phenomenology, magnitude, etiology, and consequences of these problems and on the effects of interventions National Research Council,; National Research Council and Institute of Medicine, Inevitably, however, the aging of the population is also associated with increases in age-related diseases and disabilities.

Among people age 85 and over, 21 percent were in nursing homes in and 49 percent were community residents with long-term care needs Alecxih et al. Looking Ahead Prevailing conceptions of elder mistreatment draw on a diverse array of images the forgotten and helpless nursing home resident, the battered granny, the stressed caregiver, the abusing spouse.

Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation in an Aging America. A systematic program of research is needed to better describe the many facets of the problem and to explore their causes and consequences. Prevention, protection, and punishment are necessary components of a comprehensive social response, requiring the participation and coordination of a broad array of public agencies.

As SSBG appropriations declined during the s, however, funding for adult protective services declined; byit had declined by 42 percent. Until this time, most SSBG funds had been used exclusively for child protective services.

Responsibility for assisting families in need was assumed mainly by religious organizations and private charitable institutions. Introduction E lder mistreatment is a recognized social problem of uncertain, though probably increasing, magnitude. No matter where they reside, older people are vulnerable not only to the infirmities and suffering associated with disease and disability, but also to neglect, victimization, and exploitation by others, including their caregivers.

Aging & Elderly Issues: Elder Abuse Research Paper Starter

The number of nursing home residents increased between — and fromto 1, among those age 65 and older, and fromtoamong those 85 and older Eberhardt et al. These trends will likely be accentuated by the aging of the post-WWII baby boom generation.

The nursing home population tends to be older and more severely disabled than elders residing elsewhere, with about half of the residents being 85 or older and about half having five ADL limitations, in Stone, ; still, four out of five elderly persons with ADL or IADL impairments lived in the community setting Alecxih et al.

Page 16 Share Cite Suggested Citation: New adult protective services units were established not only to provide social services, but also to provide legal services, such as guardianship. Although many states established asylums for people with mental illness during the 18th and 19th centuries, thereby providing some custodial protection for dependent or neglected adults, there was no legal basis for intervention into families until the late 19th century, when industrialization, immigration, and urbanization exacerbated family problems, including poverty and internal conflict, and also exposed them to public view—especially when its victims were children.

For adults, sexual abuse includes all non-consensual sexual contact. Approximately 17 percent of these community-dwelling older persons are considered severely disabled, with limitations in three or more ADLs. Prevalence It is difficult to obtain an accurate picture of how widely spread elder abuse is in the United States.

Eventually, inCongress amended the Social Security Act to require states to establish protective service units for adults with mental and physical impairments, who are unable to manage on their own, and who were victims or were being exploited or neglected.

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Meanwhile, Congressman Pepper continued to agitate for a federal response to elder mistreatment. Was it the nursing home placement?

The National Long Term Care Survey indicated that more than 7 million Americans, mainly family members, provided million hours of care to elders with functional disabilities living in the community. Role Reversal To make matters worse, as cognitive abilities and physical capabilities decline with old age, many elders who are parents find themselves in a situation of role reversal in which their children are now taking care of them.

For most people, aging is a gradual and subtle process: A few states and localities have mounted some creative interventions, but these few initiatives have been poorly evaluated.Essay on Neglect of the Elderly; Essay on Neglect of the Elderly.

Words Oct 28th, 5 Pages. Elder Abuse And Neglect Essay Words | 9 Pages. major issue in our country today. Statistics indicate a high rate of abuse of the elderly population. Unfortunately, elderly people are abused in our country on a daily basis.

To ease the elder abuse problem, enhancement of the capacity of elder care services and education on the public about elder abuse have been suggested by the experts.

We will write a custom essay sample on Elder Abuse specifically for you. Elderly abuse is defined as, " the systematic maltreatment, physical, emotional or financial, of an elderly person by a care giving relative". In America 5% to 10% of the elderly are victims of moderate to severe abuse, and 42% of the population over 65 was supported by care giving relatives said the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA).

The Causes and Consequences of Elder Abuse - This essay will begin by giving a definition of elder abuse and it will then go on to briefly explain elder abuse.

training, best practices, news and resources on elder abuse, neglect and exploitation. The NCEA works to ensure that all older Americans will live with dignity, integrity. Elder abuse and neglect is a critical health care issue that must be brought to the attention of health care providers and older adults fami.

Elder abuse is any form of mistreatment (e.g., physical, sexual, psychological, emotional or financial) that results in harm or loss inflicted on an older person. In .

Essay on elder abuse and neglect
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