Essay about marriage in saudi arabia

Signing the marriage contract in the court is not the only basis of marriage in Saudi.

Saudi Arabia's cruel marriage laws

After they cut a small piece of the cake, the groom holds the piece of cake and the bride eats a bit of it. He can visit her in Saudi Arabia on a visa that can be extended up to two months, on which he can neither work nor own a car or a property.

Marriage & Divorce

This is celebrated by means of introducing the bride and the groom to each other. After the dowry settlement comes the actual marriage contract, which is conducted by a legal or religious representative. The men reserve their own room separately from the women. Generally, most dishes are made of rice and variety of ingredients.

Women will begin competing for attention because they are adorned with splendid accessories which are mostly expensive Wells She applied for the marriage license in June and finally received it a year later.

The cutting of the cake symbolizes that the couple have started taking care of each other and looking after each other. Saudi Arabia is the "only modern Muslim state to have been created by jihadthe only one to claim the Quran as its constitution", and the only Arab-Muslim country "to have escaped European imperialism.

The Islamic creed gives women the right to choose a spouse and makes no distinction between a Saudi and a non-Saudi Muslim. The husband must maintain a divorced wife and any children from the marriage if the wife is unable to support herself, although she may have trouble receiving timely payments.

In that, she is not alone. At present, this tradition is still followed but the good thing is that brides are now allowed to choose their potential mates. Marriage in Saudi Arabia remains a celebration worth tracing right from the time of the proposal until the celebrations end.

If the groom is not capable of paying his own apartment, he has the alternative to take his wife and live with his parents. Female are well treasured in the culture of Saudi Arabia, the men around them should look after them and give all their needs which includes clothing, food, shelter and protection Robertson.

An engagement party is then organized if the groom likes what he sees in the bride. The Saudi Arabian marriage has remained conservative largely as compared to other countries and cultures.

Marrying foreigners[ edit ] Although a Muslim woman is forbidden to marry a non-Muslim man, the reverse is permitted, although non-Muslim women are often strongly encouraged to convert to Islam. How much contact or if any contact prior to the marriage is dependent on the families and how open they are.

The groom on his wedding night will wear white colored clothes and covers himself with a Bisht Wedding Customs. Its population is growing faster than its economy, its welfare state is rapidly deteriorating, regional and sectarian resentments are rising, and the disaffected are increasingly turning to radical Islamic activism.

Greetings[ edit ] Greetings in Saudi Arabia have been called "formal and proscribed" and lengthy. And, after some years of marriage, she gets to become a Saudi [citizen]. Females are not allowed to go out, drive and take public transportation if they are not accompanied by relatives or their children Robertson.

For example, they may take him before he leaves with his wife to have a picnic in a place he cannot get back from the desert for about days to make him late for his honeymoon.

Wedding in Saudi Arabia

Although there are lots of expectations from the family of the bride and groom, husband and wife also struggle to meet their romantic fulfillment. This might include gold, jewellery and clothing and is usually of considerable value. The same thing goes with the bride who will come with her mother and also drink with her relatives.

Articles Although Gulf Arabs are entitled to marry as soon as they reach puberty, the average age at which people marry has increased considerably in recent years, to around No product-based commercial economy existed until oil" was discovered. His friends follow him in their cars and honk their horns and flash their lights, so the people know that there is a wedding party.

This way she can remain in touch with her year-old son from a Saudi ex-husband. After that the bride holds that piece of cake and lets the groom bite another bit of the piece.

There are also instances when matchmakers are paid to find the perfect husband for a female Arab.

Culture of Saudi Arabia

In recent decades, child rearing in Saudi Arabia has increasingly been handled by hired servants.The goal of marriage in Saudi Arabia is to establish a family that is stable and happy (Wells ). Although there are lots of expectations from the family of the bride and groom, husband and wife also struggle to meet their romantic fulfillment.

The most vital factor in their marriage is financial stability and social standing. A law passed by Saudi Arabia's Council of Ministers, entitles Muslim expatriates of all nationalities (except Palestinian) who have resided in the kingdom for ten years to apply for citizenship with priority being given to holders of.

Saudi Arabia Expository Essay. Saudi Arabia: A Unique Culture Saudi Arabia: A Unique Culture The birthplace of Islam, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is home to some 12, citizens and an additional four and half million resident foreigners.

Saudi Arabia Essay

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How Arranged Marriage Works in Saudi Arabia Decrease Font Size Increase Font Size Text Size Print This Page Send by Email Many marriages in Saudi Arabia continue to be arranged marriages. This essay will discuss women rights in Saudi Arabia. It begins discussing Islamic law, then Women rights in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, then Education.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia declared the Qur'an as the constitution of the country, governed on the basis of Islamic law.

Criminal cases are tried under Sharia (Law) courts in the country.

Essay about marriage in saudi arabia
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