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AHIMA General Information The coding roundtable process is designed to meet the needs of coding professionals by providing educational and networking opportunities.

Facilitation of accurate and consistent coding practice is a key element in carrying out this mission, so as an association we provide educational resources and representation in key national groups to codewrite ahima this goal.

And, of course, no matter the setting, good documentation and ongoing education are essential to good coding. Refer to the1Q Coding Clinic which states: Shortness of breath is the sign or symptom known. Following up on the November CodeWrite article on this topic, this article looks at three common myths that have surfaced regarding these new discharge status codes.

Is there a specific topic or discussion you would like to see in a future issue of CodeWrite? The postoperative period is defined differently for facilities and professional services.

Kathy Arner karner geisinger. The official source of information codewrite ahima discharge status codes is the Official UB Data Specifications Manualavailable codewrite ahima subscription at nubc.

Modifier use also differs in evaluation and management codes. The 15 new patient discharges status codes 81—95 were adapted from existing codes with "a Planned Acute Care Hospital Inpatient Readmission" appended to the title.

V codes, however, are valid codes, and when used correctly they result in paid claims.

Here are some ideas: When Guidelines Depend on the Setting: In the end, the NUBC supported the need for the provider community to collect more specific data on inpatient readmissions.

HIM Body of Knowledge at www. Coding professionals thus must be acutely aware of the setting they are coding for, as the guidelines differ from setting to setting. This encounter should be covered by the third-party payer. AHIMA members strive to ensure that healthcare is based on accurate and timely information.

Participation in the coding community and the coding roundtables ensures an integrated network of coding professionals working together to raise the standard of excellence in the coding profession.

This guideline is true for certain settings such as acute care facilities, short-term facilities, long-term care, and psychiatric hospitals. There are two sets of documentation guidelines a physician may follow, the or guidelines. Certain modifiers only apply to hospital outpatient settings, such as 73, Discontinued outpatient procedure prior to anesthesia administration, and 74, Discontinued outpatient procedure after anesthesia administration.

The coder reporting the professional fee would not be able to code the diagnosis of pneumonia, but he or she would need to code shortness of breath. Modifier Usage Modifier usage also differs for professional fee coding and facility coding.

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Coding Diabetes Mellitus with Associated Conditions

For instance, if a patient is seen on an outpatient basis in follow-up for a knee replacement, the code V CMS requested the addition of the new codes. Take for example a patient admitted to a facility with a first progress note diagnosis of shortness of breath, rule out pneumonia.

National Center for Health Statistics. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher.

Professional fee coding and reporting follow the established documentation guidelines set forth by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services CMS. Active, associate, and student memberships are available.

CMS is the authority. The diagnosis of pneumonia could be coded by the hospital inpatient coder, as long as the diagnosis was not ruled out throughout the hospitalization. The association, through its component state associations, provides support to members and strengthens the healthcare industry and profession by providing a voice that is 59,members strong.

The new codes were proposed by the provider community in an effort to collect data which could be used to defend CMS hospital readmission rates calculated through the CMS algorithm.

The ICDCM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting feature a table that describes when V codes should be used as the first listed diagnosis only, an additional diagnosis only, or a combination of both first listed or additional diagnosis.

It is important that coding professionals know the type of setting i. The Alphabetic Index Volume 3 directs the coder here and the sigmoidectomy is included in the code assignment since the excision of the sigmoid is an integral part of the total surgery. The Internet-based Communities of Practice, containing a wealth of coding information and resources, is one of many membership benefits.Gina Sanvik, MS, RHIA, AHIMA-approved ICDCM/PCS Trainer, is director, coding and data standards, HIM practice excellence at AHIMA.

In her role she provides technical expertise for the creation and review of AHIMA’s coding-related products such as. AHIMA's HIM Body of Knowledge™ provides resources and tools to advance health information professional practice and standards for the delivery of quality healthcare.

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NEW READMISSION PATIENT DISCHARGE STATUS CODES: FOLLOW-UP. By Tedi Lojewski, RHIA, CCS, CHDA. The National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC) approved 15 new "readmission" patient discharge status codes (81–95) for use with inpatient discharges, effective October 1, When Guidelines Depend on the Setting: Comparing, Contrasting Facility Reporting and Professional Fee Coding.

by Kathy Arner, LPN, RHIT, CCS, CPC, MCS.

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