An analysis of the interesting times which take place on a world called discworld

Interesting Times

It is also known as Terror Incognita a play on terra incognita. As such, the Discworld is not governed by real-world physics or logic but by belief and narrative resolution. The Death of the Discworld, who observes humanity from outside, is dismissive of grand narratives: Trolls, for example, appear in The Hobbit as disgusting, violent creatures who take any opportunity to have a nice meal of dwarf or human - a representation which would be condemned on the Discworld by the Silicon Anti-Defamation League: Mayfly time, Counting Pines time, sketched out in Reaper Man.

When Captain Vimes is first encountered in Guards! The plot of Moving Pictures is a tissue of story lines taken from well-known filmic texts from Gone With The Wind to Predator, and culminates in a scene which is a classic example of parodic inversion for humorous intent.

Their absence, according to the Creator, can cause psychological problems. We understand the nature of an object through knowing its name, and through knowing its attributes, which are in turn appellated by name.

The wizards determine that Rincewind has in fact been transported to " Fourecks ", an unexplored continent. Teleportation requires an exchange of mass, and they end up exchanging him with a very heavy live cannon which they extinguish upon its arrival ; this results in Rincewind arriving in Agatea at a very high speed, but he lands safely in a snowbank.

In the words of Baudrillard, "art is everywhere, since artifice is at the very heart of reality. In the list below, Discworld races are followed by the real-world inspiration for them. Although this separation between satire and parody seems perfectly straightforward, it becomes problematic when the postmodern aspects of parody are taken into consideration.

Another effect is that, as reported in Thud! Areas with larger than normal quantities of background magic tend to display unusual qualities, even for the Disc. After reading mostly later issues of the series, it was a bit of a shock to go back to the silly jokes, easy puns and pratfalls that marked the early episodes.

After The Colour of Magicboth the colour and the number eight no longer appear as dangerous. You cracked it open and, hey, there was coconut inside.

Hwel is a personification of the postmodern author. The film crew watching the battle make the following observations: In the words of Wen the Eternally Surprised, they let themselves be carried like leaves on a stream.

One theorist who would seem to agree with the line taken by the Oxford English Dictionary is Fredric Jameson, who claimed that "the general effect of parody is -- whether in sympathy or with malice -- to cast ridicule". He sees it in all the states it will ever have, old and young.

Belief is a potent force in this world, and manifests itself in anthropomorphic personifications. The wizards of Unseen Universityafter some discussion, eventually realise the spelling of Wizzard can refer to only one man — Rincewind.

So-called "movie rules" are made to work in the "real" world:Pratchett was a journalist for some years and of all his satires on the birth of real-world phenomena in the Discworld, this feels the most accurate. which wouldn't be out of place. Interesting Times is a fantasy novel by British writer Terry Pratchett, the seventeenth book in the Discworld series, set in the Aurient (also known as Orient).

[1] The title refers to the common myth that there exists a Chinese curse " may you live in interesting times ".Author: Terry Pratchett.

Interesting Times Quotes

Terry Pratchett has written twenty books to date, up to and including Hogfather, that take place on the Discworld. On this magical world, dwarfs and trolls share space with wizards and heroes, cities come under attack from fire-breathing dragons, and Gods play games with the fate of men.

Interesting Times is the seventeenth novel in the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. The title of this book was inspired by the phrase "may you live in interesting times." Plot summary Edit.

Discworld (world)

The events of the novel are a "game" between the Discworld gods Fate and The Lady (Luck) with the Discworld as their game board. Interesting Times Quotes (showing of 69) “Whatever happens, they say afterwards, it must have been fate.

People are always a little confused about this, as. The 17th in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. Interesting Times A foot on the neck is nine points of the law’. The 17th in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. Buy Now “‘If you kill me a thousand will take my place,’ said the man, who was now backed against the wall.

‘Yes,’ said Cohen, in a reasonable tone of voice.

An analysis of the interesting times which take place on a world called discworld
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